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Boris Becker –

Staged Confusion

27 January - 20 March 2016

Boris Becker is one of Germany's most important contemporary photographers. In a comprehensive solo exhibition at the LVR-LandesMuseum, he is now showing recent works from the past few years.

With his "Staged Confusion" series, Boris Becker has expanded his artistic field of activity with the theme of what seems to be utter disorder in private, commercial, and public spaces. The series presents his newest works from the fields of construction, landscape, and architecture. By examining apparently chaotic scenarios in photographs of interiors and exteriors, he conveys the ambivalence of orderly and disorderly spaces and situations.

The large-format photographs from the various groups of works were conceived to stand on their own as individual pictures. For all their heterogeneity, in terms of form and content, they correspond to one another beyond the respective series in which they stand. On the one hand, the images bring up the question concerning the meaning of socially recognized parameters of order, and on the other hand, they convey a notion of self-contained image systems that function on a purely visual level due to their great aesthetic effect. The exhibition will be supplemented with early works, which relate to one another in a corresponding dialogue.

A catalogue featuring an essay by Gérard A. Goodrow will be published for the exhibition by Stieveking Verlag Munich at a cost of 29.00 € (bookstore price) and 19.90 € (available at the museum for the duration of the exhibition).


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