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Ice Age Hunters

A Life in Paradise

22 October 2014 - 28 June 2015

A hundred years ago, in February 1914, stone quarry workers in Bonn-Oberkassel made a sensational discovery: the skeletons of a man and a woman along with a dog and artworks carved from bone. Alone the fact of a double burial 14,000 years old that contained the remains of the earliest Homo sapiens is something unique in Central Europe. But through the connection with Ice Age art and one of the earliest dogs in the history of man, the importance of this grave has been enhanced even more.

In conjunction with the 100-year anniversary of this discovery, since 2008 an international team of 30 scientists has been applying 21st-century methods in order to glean from the findings new knowledge about the life of Ice Age hunters. The findings are to be presented in this exhibition for the very first time. Grouped around first-rate exhibition pieces, and supplemented with numerous hands-on opportunities, visitors will get to know all aspects of life in the late Ice Age. In doing so, many exciting themes and questions will be addressed that are of interest to fans of the Stone Age, young and old: Was the Ice Age really always icy? Why aren’t there any mammoths anymore? Did Stone Age inhabitants really live in caves? Are these Oberkassel people really our direct ancestors?

Original exhibition pieces and interactive opportunities for participation make possible an exciting trip to the world as it was 15,000 years ago, and show that people back then as today have always been able to solve many of their everyday problems with contemporary high-tech solutions, though granted, the Ice Age hunters had to resort to flint, antlers, ivory, and bones.


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