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From Neanderthal Man to the Present

Helm des Herrn von Morken

Due to its superb collection as the only museum of cultural history in the Rhineland, the LVR-LandesMuseum shows the development of the region from its beginnings to the present day. In the permanent exhibition, the visitor is greeted with an eventful journey through time, from the Stone Age up to today. Not only is the world-famous original Neanderthal man (40,000 years B.C.) on display here, but also the world's largest Neolithic well. Further highlights are the Fritzdorf gold beaker from the Bronze Age, the Pfalzfeld Column dating from Celtic times, and a treasure that had once belonged to a Celtic princess from Waldalgesheim. Roman times may be discovered in one of the best Roman provincial collections in all of Germany.

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Rhineland Scene

Julia Lohmann, Horizonte in Bewegung, 2014, VG Bild Kunst Bonn

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Art Awards

Der Leo-Breuer-Preisträger Ulrich Wagner hat sich für den Lichtraum „Ortsgedächtnis – Gedächtnis der Orte 2010/2011 mit den Orten, Architekturen und Strukturen des Nationalsozialismus auseinandergesetzt.

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Zita Attalai Virgin 2001.  Foto: Jürgen Vogel, LVR-Landesmuseum Bonn.

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