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Pre-study training:

As a prerequisite for studies of conservation sciences at a university of applied sciences, academy or university:

Each year on 1 August, the Rheinisches LandesMuseum Bonn fills one position for pre-study training in the specialist area of archaeological restoration. The training contract is valid for one year. Trainees are paid. Applications are to be submitted by 1 March of the respective year.

Semester internships for students working...

...towards a bachelor's or master's degree in "Restoration and Conservation": Opportunities exist for doing a semester internship in the areas of painting and sculpture, mural painting and stone as well as artisan crafts and archaeology. The length of the internship may be agreed upon individually. Maximum duration of the internship is six months. This internship is not remunerated. Proof of private liability insurance must be submitted. Topics for the specialist applied sciences, bachelor's or master's thesis may be developed by the students together with the restorers at the LVR-Landesmuseum with respect to the exhibition pieces. Subject to prior approval, practical work on the exhibition pieces may be done either at the universities or in the restoration and conservation workshop.

Pupils on the secondary education level ...

...may gain an insight into restoration and conservation work within the framework of their school's obligatory 14-day internship programmes. After receiving an application - and provided there is space available in the timeframe desired - we will make a date to get to know the pupil on a trial-work afternoon in order to determine if there is an aptitude for the profession in keeping with the pupil's age. Applicants must be at least 14 years of age.


The head of the restoration and conservation workshop will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please send your applications to the following address:

Head of the Restoration and Conservation Workshop

Ute Knipprath
Rheinisches LandesMuseum Bonn
Bachstrasse 5-9
53115 Bonn
Tel.: + (49) 228 / 2070-369
Fax. + (49) 221 / 82840680

You will find a great deal of information concerning the restorer and conservator profession and education in the "Restauratoren-Taschenbuch", which has been published by Callwey Verlag. Or visit the homepage of the Verband der Restauratoren (Association of German Restorers): www.restauratoren.de


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