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X-Ray Equipment

The x-ray equipment at the Rheinisches LandesMuseum falls under the technical heading of material testing and provides x-ray fluorescopies for investigating archaeological findings and art, or respectively, objects of historical cultural relevance that are made of different materials and combinations of materials. The equipment has been installed as an open system inside a specially outfitted security area on the lower floor of the restoration and conservation workshop. The x-ray tube disposes over a tube voltage with variable settings between 5 and 225 KV, a maximum tube current of 50 mA, and a maximal tube output of 1600 W. X-ray tubes of this type have been developed specifically for examinations for technical purposes and, due to their high tube outputs, they are different from the generally known x-ray machines used in medicine. The objects to be investigated may be positioned in the beam cone with the aid of a so-called work piece manipulator. In addition, with the aid of the x-ray manipulator, it is possible to swing the direction of the x-ray cone in stepless variation up to 60°. This makes it possible to make x-ray pictures from any angle desired. The picture is created by an x-ray image amplifier (9-inch), positioned opposite the x-ray tube and shown on a video monitor at the same time. The documenting, or respective archiving, of the digital x-ray images comes about by means of an integrated computer with an image processing system. Located here are extensive filter functions that we may use for reducing the static noise of the x-rays in order to improve the image functions. Alternative to the digital x-ray images, however, it is also possible to make images using conventional x-ray film. Such films are then developed in the photo laboratory situated in the x-ray area.


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