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Employment Advertisements


You will find positions that are currently open for filling in the LVR-Museumsverbund at: http://www.lvr.de/de/nav_main/derlvr/personal/stellenangebote/stellenangebote_1.html

Pre-Study Training Programmes

Pre-study training is required for beginning studies of restoration at a college of applied sciences, academy or university: The LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn currently offers a place in a pre-study training programme in the subject area "Archaeological Restoration". Training contracts are filled for one year. This is a paid training. The position is publically advertised for filling by 1 August each year. Advance applications will be collected centrally here, and then included in the process for filling the position.


The LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn offers the possibility for unpaid internships, although there are no established internship positions. When we receive an internship application, we pass it along to the appropriate departments to find out whether there is a possibility for offering a place in the timeframe desired.

In principle, we offer internships in the following areas: exhibition technology, care of the holdings, inventorying, library, prints and drawings workshop, media technology, Middle Ages / artisan handcrafts, museum pedagogy, coin collection, press, Roman provincial archaeology, editing, restoration and conservation workshop, events sector, administration, Roman Thermae Zülpich

Some of these areas require a trial day of work in order to get to know the person and determine his or her aptitude for the profession, thereby taking the applicant's age into account. We would be happy to receive a letter from you that contains a CV and information about what area interests you. You may send your application either by postal delivery or by E-Mail. It is necessary that you submit evidence of private liability insurance. Due to various factors, (exhibition preparations, vacation situations, etc.) spaces are not always available in all areas.

Contact persons on the Personnel Team:

Herr Nauen, Herr Weiß
Phone: 0228/2070-275
Museum Network in the LVR
Operational and Process Management
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